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Retail Therapy.

An Introduction. Of Sorts.

At 23 Emma Hughes had worked in Retail for four years. Two years in a bookstore, one year in a manchester store in Canberra, Australia and 8 months in her current job - the manchester counter in a huge chain department store in London. Once upon a time, Year 12, she had dreams of branching in to the film industry. She had received the schools Media award and was voted most likely to win an Oscar in her yearbook. But that dream came and went the day she entered University and realised that everyone was that much better then her. She stopped going to Uni as soon as she started and spent her first year out of school lounging around the house eating anything she could find and subsequently gaining 20 kilos. After much nagging and many nasty comments from her mother, Erin finally got up and tried to find a job. It took a year. Having only ever worked in a football stadium canteen, for her father, no one would hire her. Until the day she fluked herself a job in a bookstore, based primarily on her personality and geekiness with books. So for two years she worked with a group of great people, all as geeky and weird as she was. She felt she belonged here. Plus, discounted books were two of her favourite words. Then the dreaded travel bug hit. But luckily it hit two of her best friends, Sally and Nikky, at the same time. The three of them got their work visa's and hopped on a plane to London, Engaaaaland. Sally had no problems getting a job as a Nurse, there is a shortage of those everywhere. Nikky, who worked for a prominent Australian Bank in their Financial Resources section had to take a step back and took a job as a senior teller. They found themselves a three bedroom flat and started living the London life. For the first month of their living in England the others paid the bills. Emma couldn't find herself a book store job anywhere and eventually, after much nagging and many nasty comments from her friends, got herself a job in a department store. Based, once again on her on her personality - but this time it did have a bit to do with her experience in the field of sheets and towels. She got on really well with her new boss Kelly, who hired her straight after their coffee interview turned in to drinks and then dinner. Emma started working in the Manchester Department of Billie Johnson's, a large chain department store found all over the UK and Ireland, and could finally contribute to the household bills - much to her friends delight.

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